Thursday, 26 July 2012

DIY Craft- Fun block stamp prints with recycled materials :)

do it yourself recycled block printing by smallgirl
The teddies in Teddy Forest have a super-fun stamping technique to share. It's cheaper than linoleum block printing, uses recycled materials, and doesn't require sharp tools, so it's easy with kids from kindergarten up (and fun for adults too!).

What you need:

Ballpoint pen and pencil
Thin foam, like an old take-out container or scrap funfoam
Piece of thin cardboard, cut from a cereal box or cardstock will do
Washable paint
Paper to print on

What to do:
1. Draw your shapes/picture on the foam with a ballpoint pen and cut them out with scissors.
2. Scratch additional detail onto the shapes/picture using a sharp pencil. Try to go deep, so that the paint won't fill the depressions.
3. Glue your shapes onto a piece of thin cardboard. You now have your block print stamp!
4. When the glue is dry, spread paint on your shapes. Acrylics work well.
5. Press your stamp onto paper. You may need to practice a few times to find your desired amount of paint, as it can spread with pressing.

Bears in starlight by smallgirl

Voila! You have a fun, beautiful print! If you carefully wipe off the excess paint with a bit of water, you can use your stamp again and again.

Happy crafting!

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