Thursday, 19 July 2012

West Coast Creature Feature-The Terrifying Carnivorous Round-leaved Sundew

It looks as though Teddy Forest is fast evolving into a nature blog, but fear not! The bears still live in Teddy Forest and will be reporting soon. It's just that now that nice weather is finally upon us, I'm spending more time outside exploring than inside making. So, here is an amazing plant I want to share with you...

Round-leaved sundew, by smallgirl
Strictly, the round-leaved sundew is not a West Coast "creature," as it is a plant and a widespread species in Northern Europe, Asia and North America. Here, it lives in the Pacific Northwest and southern Alaska. It is fascinating to observe as it devours mosquitoes and damselflies. Like our friends the bats and birds, this plant is beneficial to humans in its control of insects. In my area, it is considered locally rare as urban development has destroyed much of its wetland habitat. Lately, I have been involved in restoring a bog, one of only two remaining bog habitats in my city, and home to the round-leaved sundew.
PS: I am absolutely loving West Coast bogs and wetlands lately. I've been reading David M. Carrol's Swampwalker Journal, about wetlands in the Eastern States, but we have our share on the West Coast too, so get out there to respect and enjoy them and all that lives there!!

Happy bogging!

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