Sunday, 30 September 2012

DIY Craft- Recycled Forest Friends!

Egg carton forest friends photographed by smallgirl
I love creating things from salvaged and recycled materials. This fun project is a great alternative to the plastic toys kids get bored with so quickly these days. I made this project with my young cousins last month and with a group of kindergarten students last summer, so it is definitely kid-friendly (and fun for silly adults like me).

What you need:
Markers and pencils
A paper egg carton
Fabric scraps
Wiggly eyes

What to do:
1. Cut the egg carton into individul egg holders. Each egg holder will become a creature.
2. Draw the animal's body shape onto the egg holder and cut it out
3. Glue wiggly eyes, fabric, and draw on the animal to give it its own personality
4. If you want to make it into a hanging ornament, simply poke a hole in the top with a sewing needle and thread some string through.

Voila! You have a new friend for your own forest!

Have a recycled-fun day!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Blast From the Past- Dodo the Original '90s Doodle Bear

Blast from the past- Dodo the Doodle Bear!
Do you have any "fad" toys left from your childhood? I hardly count teddy bears as a "fad" (they've been popular for over 100 years), but Dodo the original '90s Doodle Bear, a mild mannered bear who lives in Teddy Forest, qualifies.
Dodo sitting on my bookshelf of children's books
Growing up in the '90s without a television, I largely escaped passing toy fads, but when I saw the Doodle Bear on my gradma's TV, I knew I had to have one. So, on Christmas morning, there she was, Dodo, my new Doodle Bear. I drew all over her, had my friends at school draw on her; she still bears the message, "Auntie Lorena was here." I guess my mom was a good sport, because I never remember her getting annoyed with all the times Dodo must have been washed.
What "fad" toys did you have?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Trade ATCs with Teddy Forest!

Below is Teddy Forest ATC Trading Animal Set Set 1, mixed media ATCs that I would love to trade with you! Trade one for one, or the set.

As of Sept 17, Polar Bear has been traded. Spotted Owl and Swift Fox still available.
Anyone can make ATCs, so even if you've never made them before, now you can try, then trade with me! Please leave a comment or email me at smallgirldesigns(at)gmail(dotcom) if you want to trade a card and we can exchange trading details :) Check out the ATC Page on the top of my blog for more details. Or, visit me at ATCs for All and search for smallgirl.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

West Coast Creature Feature- The Friendly White Crowned Sparrow

white crowned sparrow, photographed by smallgirl
The white crowned sparrow is present all over North America in winter, but lives year round on the West Coast. Researchers have documented that white crowned sparrows have a different song on the West Coast than in other parts of North America. These friendly birds are curious ground feeders; I have noticed in my experience that they are less likely to fly away when approached.
What are you up to today?
White crowned sparrow, photographed by smallgirl
Try to spot one of these cuties sometime. Happy birding!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Rupert and the Frogsong- An anthem for happier times ahead

I haven't been around Teddy Forest lately, mainly because my real life has been difficult lately. My darling rabbit of ten years passed away, and then I launched into 12 hour shifts at work for the past fortnight and a bit. So, here is a little something that always lifts the spirits:

Rupert and the Frogsong! This wonderful short music video, brought to us by Paul McCartney and Geoff Dunbar, based on the characters by Mary Tourtel and Alfred Bestall, is a little slice of happiness. Click below and enjoy!

Rupert and the Frog Chorus, by Alfred Bestall, 1958 Rupert Annual