Wednesday, 17 April 2013

More Weekly Bears!!

So, I am really behind in the Weekly Bears. They are not so weekly anymore, more like "weeklyish." All the bears in Teddy Forest are disappointed in me, as they were all clamouring to have their portraits drawn. However, to make up for it, here are four bears for a swap on
The theme is Whimsical Critters at the Beach.

Whimsical Bears at the Beach by smallgirl
Have a beary nice day!

Monday, 1 April 2013

West Coast Creature Feature- The Easter Bunny, or Not so Silly Rabbits!

"Psst...Teddy Forest is the funnest place ever!"
April Fools! And Happy Belated Easter! This West Creature Feature is brought to you by Pikachu and Perriwinkle, the (mostly) friendly rabbits in Teddy Forest. These little fellas were adopted from the local animal shelter, after being dumped in the wet West Coast streets. Now, the frolick around Teddy Forest and have as much food and love as they could possibly want.

Pickachu says: "Did you know that most wild rabbits in North America are escapees or dumped pets gone wild?" 
Perriwinkle says: "The most common local native rabbit is actually not a rabbit, but a snowshoe hare."

We hope you enjoyed this special West Coast Creature Feature!