Monday, 14 July 2014

Teddy Forest Returns!

It has nearly been a year since my last visit to Teddy Forest I have been very busy with working, a bit of gardening,  a lot of ATC making, and playing in the forest. However, now bears and I are back to share the fun with you!

The Monthly West Coast Creature Feature will return shortly, but the Weekly Bear has been put on hold.

I hosted a Bear Swap - Beautiful Bears of the World on and am currently working on an Animals of the Alphabet project (currently on G).

Swap Gallery for the Bear Swap:

ATCs by smallgirl, blueeyedlady76, deer blossom, Marryth, crisbear, GwennieJo, ferretgirl,  Jewels,  Tandy, donnacr, Sarnie, Elena, and spineofafish.
Cards were from Canada, USA, England, and Indonesia

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