Saturday, 21 September 2013

Weekly Bear-Polar Bear Pair

Finally a new Weekly Bear! This ATC is a collage made from mostly recycled materials: paper from a card, bear pictures cut from my stationary, and the "True North" words from my old agenda. If you'd like to trade, it is available in my gallery on

Polar Bear Facts:
  • Their reliance on Arctic sea ice makes them "marine mammals." This designation is usually used for animals like seals, porpoises, and whales.
  • 60% of all polar bears live in Canada
  • They are genetically close to grizzly bears, and due to climate change, interbreeding may become a reality. At least two "pizzlies" have been documented in Canada
  • They are threatened by climate change, due to the shrinking of sea ice
Help polar bears by conserving energy, taking your bike, and spending lots of time outdoors, rather than online reading this blog! :)

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