Friday, 31 May 2013

West Coast Creature Feature-The Beautiful Banana Slug

On May 24, I spent about 20 minutes watching urban elementary school students interact with this banana slug. It was amazing, because half an hour before meeting the slug, the students were afraid to leave the path for fear of getting "dirty"
by smallgirl

Yes, banana slugs are beautiful!! These fabulous friends of the forest can be found in West Coast rainforests, and are the largest slug species native to the area. A banana slug is a "decomposer," meaning that it helps break down organic materials on the forest floor. These amazing creatures have no legs, so rely on slime to propel themselves across the forest floor. They actually move quite fast and are very friendly! I love picking up banana slugs and introducing them to children, who are fascinated by their tentacles (used to sense light) and sliminess.

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  1. Hello again and thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

    I enjoy your photos a lot, having visited BC twice but it's been 10 years since I last was there. I miss the beautiful scenery and wildlife, and my friends who live there, so I'm hoping to visit again. Sooner than in 10 years!

    Your bears are really fun, too. My favourites are the Surf Koala and Hula Panda from an earlier post of yours!


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