Monday, 27 May 2013

Weekly Bear #10- "Remembear" that a baby bear is a baby bear!

It's Spring and on the West Coast that means that baby black bears and grizzly bears are emerging with their parents. They are soooo fluffy, and soooo cute, and soooo totally still BEARS!
Grizzly bear cub by smallgirl
Black bear cub by smallgirl
Cute as they are, bears are wild animals and should not be fed, pet, touched, or interacted with in any way by people. Each year, many black bears are destroyed here on the West Coast because of negative interactions with humans. We can all live together safely if we follow a few basic precautions like: if you live in bear country, store your trash and pet food properly, clean up and pick fruit from fruit trees quickly, leash your pets when hiking, and travel in areas known to have bears in groups and with caution.

Check out this amazing video for more information about why bears are deserving of our respect:

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  1. Your baby bears are so sweet (but still bears!). Thanks for joining Orange E. and I hope you enjoy more visits in the future.


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