Thursday, 8 November 2012

Vintage Children's Books- Old Bear Stories by Jane Hissey

Blaugh. I am super sick right now and had to take the day off work, which sucks, because I love my job. Plus, my poor sister and Dad have come down with it too. Here are some things to cheer myself up:

Little Bear and Hoot from Hoot, by Jane Hissey
 The bears in Teddy Forest find Jane Hissey's realistic drawings of teddy bears and other vintage animals very charming! I find myself looking to these books sometimes when I want to sew or needlefelt a new animal.

Bramwell Brown from Hoot, by Jane Hissey.
It is my goal to one day make a miniature Bramwell Brown from corduroy for Teddy Forest, but I haven't designed a pattern yet.

Little Bear from Hoot, by Jane Hissey

I picked up Hoot at a charity sale at the local library. So, support a library this week :) Happy reading!

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  1. I also have a lovely vinatge Jane Hissy book. I love it so much!!!


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