Monday, 19 November 2012

Happy 92nd Birthday to Rupert Bear!

Here in Teddy Forest, we wish to wish Rupert Bear a very happy 92nd birthday! May he endure in the hearts of children everywhere and continue to evolve with the times. Below are some excerpts from Rupert Annuals in the Teddy Forest Library. Rupert Bear is a registered trademark of Express Newspapers and Edgemont Publishing.

Rupert, on your birthday we hope you have a lovely party...

Alfred Bestall illustration from Rupert Annual 1956

Opening page from Rupert Annual 1954
And we wish you...

1952 Annual, painted by Alfred Bestall
We also wish Vicky, Twinkle, and everyone else at Lovejoy Bears a wonderful first birthday!!

So, a hearty "Happy Birthday" to Rupert and Lovejoy Bears!


  1. I Love rupert bear, it's one of my favourites!! Thank you so much for wishing Lovejoy Bears and Twinkle a hapy Birthday too :) It's so lovely of you to think of us!!
    Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  2. Ah memories, my childhood was full of Rupert thanks to my English grandfather. Every month his local news shop bundled up Rupert, and many other children's magazines, and sent them to us in the states. Nice blog!

    1. Thank you for your kind comments Vicky and Neen! Neen, my grandfather introduced me to Rupert too, and bought me my first annual!

  3. We had one Rupert annual (1954) missing the cover in our home in Canada when I was growing up in the 60s. It was so extraordinary it had a huge impact on me.

  4. WE had one of the Bestall Rupert Annuals(1954),missing the cover, in our home growing up in Canada in the 60s. It was so extraordinary that it had a huge impact on me. Thanks for your tribute. I'm not surprised that Bestall's Rupert was a powerful element of inspiration for The Beatles and Monty Python.


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