Wednesday, 10 October 2012

DIY- Helpful plastic teddy bear toys double as bracelet organizers

Not all the bears that live in Teddy Forest are of the fuzzy variety. These plastic bears are earning their keep as bracelet organizers. So, here's a fun DIY to make old toys useful again.
Mrs. Panda and Baloo are so helpful!
It's easy:
1. Grab an old toy, like a sturdy action figure
2. Affix it to your dresser with some reusable putty (like the blue plasticine stuff that you get from office supply stores)
3. Move the arms to an upright position, and start hanging your jewellery! This would be super fun in a kid's bedroom (and remember, jewellery isn't just for girls anymore).
For added fun, you could also glue the arms in place and paint your toys with thick artist acrylic paint.

Happy Recycling!

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