Sunday, 29 April 2012

West Coast Creature Feature- The Spectacular Anna's Hummingbird

Here at Teddy Forest, the bears and I are very interested in local ecology, so we have decided to add a West Coast Creature Feature. At least once a month, we will feature a fantastical creature that lives in our wonderful rainforest!

We'll start with the spectacular Anna's Hummingbird.
Photo by smallgirl, April 30 2012
This 4-inch hummingbird lives on the Pacific Coast from California to British Columbia. It emits a high-pitch squeek and can often be seen chirping at the tops of twiggy trees, shining like a tiny green or red jewel. The female is green while the male is green with a red head. This particular Anna's hummingbird is well camouflaged in her tiny nest. I was so excited when I found her that I thought I might faint! This is the first nest I've ever seen, although Anna's hummingbirds are numerous in the rainforest. Do you ever see hummingbirds?

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