Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Blast From the Past- Dodo the Original '90s Doodle Bear

Blast from the past- Dodo the Doodle Bear!
Do you have any "fad" toys left from your childhood? I hardly count teddy bears as a "fad" (they've been popular for over 100 years), but Dodo the original '90s Doodle Bear, a mild mannered bear who lives in Teddy Forest, qualifies.
Dodo sitting on my bookshelf of children's books
Growing up in the '90s without a television, I largely escaped passing toy fads, but when I saw the Doodle Bear on my gradma's TV, I knew I had to have one. So, on Christmas morning, there she was, Dodo, my new Doodle Bear. I drew all over her, had my friends at school draw on her; she still bears the message, "Auntie Lorena was here." I guess my mom was a good sport, because I never remember her getting annoyed with all the times Dodo must have been washed.
What "fad" toys did you have?

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