Wednesday, 16 May 2012

West Coast Creature Feature-The Fabulous Ensatina

Ensatina by smallgirl
This is one of my most favourite animals, not only in beautiful Teddy Forest, but in the whole wide world! It is the incredible ensatina salamander, sometimes called a red salamander (Ensatina escholtzii). These wonderful creatures are special because they are "lungless" amphibians that breathe throught their skin. Unlike most amphibians, ensatinas spend their whole lives on land, enjoying the woody debris of moist, cool rainforests. If you go into the rainforest and hope to find one, gently move a log or piece of bark to see if there is an ensatina beneath. Since ensatinas love woody debris so much, it's best not to jump on or put your whole weight on logs, bark, and other woody debris on the forest floor.
Have a super-salamander day!

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